What are the credentials that are available at LOR?

What are the credentials that are available at LOR?

In this article, we will discuss the different credentials that are there in LOR contracting.

Also, we will discuss some policies that are made by the company to keep the employees safe.

What are the different credentials at LOR?

Since we all know that LOR is one of the biggest construction contractors in the market.

This has been created in the market because of the work that they do and the quality they provide.

These are just some of the reasons why the LOR company sits at the top of the construction business.

This is because more than 100 people are working in this company and all on the field.

They are even hiring more people due to the work which they have and the smaller number of workers.

They hire different people from any country on the basis that they need to know how to drive a car.

Another criterion is that the person who wants to get appointed needs to know English.

Here are some of the credentials that are present at the LOR company.

 SHEQSHEQ stands for Safety, Health, environment, and quality because they are number one.

They need to provide all of their client’s high-quality service so that they get the job done with extreme care.

They have done this act so that all their employees stay safe and are also covered in an insurance policy.

This is because, in the business of construction and demolishing, many workers and people get harmed.

  •  Training

They have also kept a different kind of training course that has all the options of training.

LOR is a professional company, and so they need trained personnel to work in the field.

This is because the job gets done within the time limit, and also it is done with extreme care and mind.

  •  Customer care

This is the service in which some people work at the customer care of the company.

They need to do this to give information to people who contact us.

They do this because they want to get a service from the company or they want to enquire.

  •  Community Liaison

This is the thing where LOR engages with the local people, business, and their communities.

They do this so that they can maintain healthy relationships with everyone.

The company also has a history of supporting different kinds of charities every year.

What are the policies made for employees?

The employees of the company also have different policies made for their benefit.

They have been made so that they can protect the employees against any danger while working.

They needed to take this precaution as this is the construction and demolishing business.

Here people get hurt most of the time, and their kind of company takes policy for their workers.

They do this in the interest of their employees, and they are also told by the government to do so.

This is because most of the employees are poor and cannot afford money for treatment.

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